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Strategic Research Development (SRD) assists University of Florida faculty and staff in the pursuit of internal and external research funding. The division identifies and publishes a list of Funding Opportunities for the UF community, coordinates the selection of UF’s nominees to limited submission programs, facilitates industry partnerships, and coordinates the annual Research Opportunity Seed Fund program.

The division assists in planning and coordinating large interdisciplinary research initiatives, including facilitating the preparation of grants involving multiple schools, colleges, divisions, or institutions to support new research programs at UF. The division also maintains a list of grantsmanship resources and boilerplate text to assist all faculty submitting proposals. Strategic Research Development is responsible for the following areas:

External Funding Opportunities

Discover the updated list of funding opportunities, graduate student funding opportunities, government funding resources and more

Internal Competitive Funding

View internal competitive funding resources, such as UF Research Foundation Awards, Research Opportunity Seed Fund and more

Request a Funding Search

Complete the form to get help identifying external support for specific research projects 

Proposal Development Assistance

Receive consulting support for multiple-investigator proposals more than $1 million

Limited Submission Programs

Understand the necessary guidelines for selecting the proposal that will be submitted in response to a limited submission program

Business & Industry Collaboration

Explore programs for business & industry partnerships and learn about tech transfer through UF Innovate

Staff Directory

        Name                 Position   Phone Number Office Number
Robert Ferl Distinguished Professor and Assistant Vice President (352) 392-9271 Grinter 237
Marah Berry Assistant Director (352) 273-2164 WAL 322
Michelle Leonard Assistant Director, Education & Training (352) 273-1252 WAL 320
Jeremiah McDougal Administrative Support (352) 273-3017 Grinter 223
J. Jinah Song Research Coordinator (352) 273-2164 WAL 107
Kyle Bohunicky Research Coordinator (352) 392-9270 WAL 107
Gail Fish Research Coordinator (352) 294-0571 WAL 107
Lloyd Horne Research Coordinator (352) 273-3129 WAL 108
Ben Griffith Research Administrator (352) 273-7254 WAL 108

Mailing Address

Strategic Research Development
UF Research
University of Florida
322 Walker Hall
PO Box 115500 Gainesville, FL 32611-5500
Gainesville, FL 32611-5500