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Internal Funding

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Catalyst Fund 2020

The University of Florida has launched a major initiative to engage intellectual interest in AI with the objective of becoming a national leader in AI research and education. As part of this initiative, the AI research catalyst fund is intended to jump start research and collaboration in AI and promote the use of UF’s new computing infrastructure.

Call for Proposals: UF Research Artificial Intelligence Research Catalyst Fund RFP

2020 Awardees

PI Last Name PI First Name Title College
Azad Hassan Application of Machine Learning in the Prediction and Modeling DCP
Barmpoutis Angelos AI-driven Movement Classification and Analysis across Clinical and Cultural Application Areas COTA
Chen Huan Fairness in Information Access through Culturally Competent AI Systems CJC
Fang Ruogu VCA-DNN: Neuroscience-Inspired Artificial Intelligence for Visual Emotion Recognition HWCOE
Glenn Alina Parasitic Nematode Identification with Deep Learning HWCOE
Huffaker Ray Symbiosis of machine learning, nonlinear time series analysis, and novel supercomputing to reconstruct soil-biome nonlinear dynamics from field and remote-sensing large data IFAS
Liu Hongcheng A New Stochastic Gradient Algorithmic Paradigm for Training Massive AI Models in Network-Wide Traffic Anomaly Warning HWCOE
Li Chenglong A Machine Learning Approach to Drug Hit Optimization COP
Lu Qing A Kernel Neural Network for High-dimensional Genomic Risk Prediction PHHP
Nino Juan Claudio AI-Enabled Imaging Biomarker Identification for Early Detection and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease HWCOE
Odegaard Brian Combining Deep Neural Networks and Large-Scale Brain Data to Predict Human Cognition and Behavior CLAS
Ozrazgat Baslanti Tezcan The Artificial Intelligence learns optimal treatment strategies for hypotension in surgery. MED-GNV
Saxena Shreya Artificial neural networks meet biological neural networks: designing personalized stimulation for the data-driven control of neural dynamics HWCOE
Stucky Brian Using AI to uncover decades of global ecological change FLMNH
Subhash Ghatu AI-assisted accelerated discovery of novel materials for ballistic applications HWCOE
Tepe Emre Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Land-Use Changes Using Big Data DCP
Triplett Eric Deep learning prediction of autoimmune disease from early childhood gut microbiome composition. IFAS
Xing Wanli Fair AI Responding to Online Education “FAIR_EDU” Education
Weisberg Steven What mind matters? Machine learning approaches to linking structural variation in the brain to individual differences in spatial behavior CLAS
Zhao Xilei Real-Time Management of Micromobility Services for Smart Cities HWCOE

Advancing Racial Justice

Supports research and scholarship that will inform understanding of the Black experience, racial justice, diversity, equity and inclusion on campus and beyond.

View the 2022 Call for Proposals here.

2020 Awardees

Applicant (PI) College Application
Sharon Austin CLAS OR-DRDP-ARJ2020: Recruitment, Retention, of Black Faculty
Azra Bihorac COM OR-DRPD-ARJ2020: Identifying and preventing implicit bias among clinical research workforce to address racial disparities in clinical trials in obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart and kidney diseases at University of Florida
Michael Bowie College of Vet Med OR-DRPD-ARJ2020: Collegiate and National Investigation of Factors Contributing to the Lack of Black Representation at All Levels in Veterinary Medicine
David Canton CLAS Research, Education and Transformation: Furthering Investigation of the University of Florida and its Legacies to Indigenous Removal and Slavery
Brenda Chalfin CLAS OR-DRDP-ARJ2020: Black Students Sharing Stories for an Equitable UF
Ellen Davis CLAS OR-DRPD-ARJ2020: Cultivating equity in STEM classrooms at UF: A multidisciplinary collaboration to create a training course in inclusive, antiracist teaching practices for Learning Assistants (LAs) in STEM courses
Karen Hicklin HWCOE OR-DRPD-ARJ2020: Engineering while Black: Exploring the Experiences of Black
Erica McCray Education OR-DRPD-ARJ2020: MARC
Duane Mitchell COM OR-DRPD-ARJ2020 Amplifying Voices of Black Biomedical Professionals: UF Listens to Stories of Struggle and Thriving
Katheryn Russell-Brown Law OR-DRPD-ARJ2020: Building Faculty Capacity to Develop Curriculum on Racial Justice Related to the Black Experience: A Mixed-Methods Study
Travis Smith Education OR-DRPD-ARJ2020: “We Are UF Too: Exploring The Experiences of Black Graduate Students”
Ryan Travis COTA OR-DRPD-ARJ2020: Theatre as Healing and Reconciliation
Kimberly Wiley IFAS OR-DRDP-ARJ2020: Centralizing Black Students’ Voices During UF’s Crisis Response to COVID-19 and the BLM Movement
Patricia Xirau-Probert Dentistry OR-DRPD-ARJ2020: Keys to success in the Health Sciences, an interdisciplinary black student cohort program across the UF Health Science Center

Research Opportunity Seed Fund

Annual seed grant program that targets interdisciplinary, faculty-initiated research initiatives with potential for extramural support

Supports new projects and/or new collaborative partnerships

Previous Awards

Space Research Initiative (SRI Seed Fund)

Research, development, demonstration, and project preparation proposals to the Space Research Initiative (SRI) requested by the Florida Space Institute (FSI) to support two categories of proposals: 

  1. UF-only or joint UF-UCF projects of one year or shorter duration in any area of space-related research and development
  2. UF led proposals with projects co-funded by members of Florida’s Aerospace Industry

2022 SRI Guidelines

Previous Awards

Internal Support Programs for Faculty by Unit

The UF Internal Funding Opportunities document includes a variety of internal funding support programs, sponsored by individual units at UF. These programs are coordinated by the units, who oversee the selection and award process. Please contact the units directly with any specific questions related to these programs. 

Graduate Student Travel Funds

Highest priority will be given to doctoral level students and students in other terminal degree programs who are invited to give major talks, are in their final year of their programs and are presenting work at a national meeting, or have a unique research or collaborative opportunity at an off-site location. These one-time awards are limited to $400 per trip and require a dollar for dollar match from the college and/or department. Review the Graduate Student Request for Travel Funds to access the guidelines and forms. Requests should be submitted a minimum of one month in advance of the desired travel date.

Graduate Student Council Travel Grants

Graduate Student Council Travel Grants are reimbursement-based grants may be used to cover travel-related expenses for presenting research or participating in professional development at a professional conference. Reimbursement may cover conference registration, transportation, and lodging, but not food, entertainment, or purchases made on department Pcards. Grants are provided to half-fund travel, so your expenses must be twice as much as the amount requested. The maximum grant is $350. For more information, including departmental eligibility, please visit the Graduate Student Council website.

Grinter Fellowships

The prestigious Grinter Fellowships that honor Dr. Linton E. Grinter—long-time dean of the UF Graduate School and champion of quality graduate programs, faculty and students—are used by UF colleges to recruit the highest quality graduate students to the University of Florida. UF Research provides funding annually for Grinter Fellows in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Health Science Center colleges and the Colleges of Architecture, Business Administration, Education, Fine Arts, Health and Human Performance, and Journalism and Communications. For more information, please contact the Graduate School.