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International Research Projects

When planning an international project or venture, there are many factors to consider which could affect its implementation.  These considerations are particularly important when UF will maintain a long-term presence in a foreign country.

Planning Your International Research Project

UF Research Integrity, Security and Compliance (UF RISC) is the central point of contact within UF’s core offices to provide guidance to UF faculty, staff and students who are conducting international research or other sponsored work abroad.  Before starting an international project, researchers should consider the following:

Travel Finance Technology
  • Travel arrangements
  • Visa, work-permit & immigration issues
  • International relocation
  • Budget planning
  • Personal & business banking
  • Purchase of goods & services
  • Business risk & insurance
  • IT support
  • Safeguarding devices & data
  • International travel guidelines
Export Control Research & Business Activity Other Compliance/Legal
  • Transfer of goods & information abroad
  • Export licenses
  • Shipping requirements
  • Project development
  • Compliance with sponsor requirements
  • Vetting of foreign collaborators
  • Employment & registration
  • Labor & tax laws
  • Signing international agreements
  • Compliance with UF Regulations


All UF faculty, staff and students involved in any sponsored global activity are encouraged to utilize the resources on this page and to consult UF RISC for assistance with planning.

Travel Advisories

Before planning any trip abroad be sure to check the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories for your intended destination.

For more guidance, including health and travel notices, and information on vaccines and medications, visit CDC Travel Recommendations.

Planning and Budgeting

Some basic budget considerations:

  • Is the item allowable per sponsor guidelines or UF policy? (Always follow the more restrictive guidelines.)
  • Include travel to and travel within your destination.
  • How will you get around once you are there?
  • Is it more cost-effective to lease or buy a car?
  • Include parking.
  • Will you be hiring a guide, translator, or driver?
  • Will you require training or permits?
  • Are there visa, registration, or permit fees?
  • Factor in per diem costs.
  • Will you or your participants need food?
  • Meal reimbursement is subject to UF and sponsor guidelines.
    • $36/day for domestic but foreign travelers are reimbursed up to the U.S. GSA (General Services Administration) M&IE (meals & incidental expenses) rate
    • Visit
  • Will you require lodging?
  • Will you need to rent space for an office, lab, or conference room?
  • Will you need materials or supplies?
  • Include the incidentals like baggage fees, valet, cleaning, tipping.
  • Is there enough in the budget for everyone going/participating?

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