Outgoing Subawards

Welcome to the Division of Sponsored Program’s Outgoing Subaward Team.

Our team works closely with PI’s and their grants staff to ensure a proper subaward or subcontract is prepared and executed between UF and the collaborating institution.

UF Subaward Contacts

 Staff Name/Title

Kellie Crawford, Interim Subaward Coordinator (352) 392 – 0239


The links below provide detailed information about our Outgoing Subawards process:

Track the Status of your Outgoing Subaward

The Outgoing Subaward Activity Log provides easy access to track the progress of your outgoing subaward being processed by our Subaward staff. The subaward tool also provides emails to the PI and grant staff at various stages of the subaward process, which should help keep PI and staff updated.