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International Scholar Visit


UF invites and hosts International Scholars and International Visitors (collectively, “International Scholars”) for collaboration in research, teaching, extension and service activities. These visits must receive approval from UF Research Integrity, Security & Compliance (UF RISC) prior to the extension of a formal invitation.

International Scholar Review 

Submit a review request to UF RISC through the International Scholars and International Visitors Review portal. Review requests must be submitted to the portal at least thirty (30) days prior to the extension of the Invitation or at least thirty (30) days prior to any UF imposed visa-processing deadline. The Sponsoring Department may not extend an Invitation until it receives written approval from UF RISC.

Process of International Scholar Submission

Process of Internation Scholar Submission

UF RISC will review all submissions and issue a determination to the sponsoring unit in accordance with the Policy. After receipt of a determination from UF RISC, route International Scholars to the appropriate area for continued processing. 

 Visitor Type: Reviews:

 J-1 Visa Applicants:

  • Professors
  • Short-Term Scholars
  • Research Scholars
  • Student Interns


UF International Center

 International Visitors:

  • Individuals who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, who do not meet the definition of International Scholars, and are coming to the University for a period of thirty (30) or more days

 J-1 Degree Seeking Students

 J-1 Non-degree Seeking Students

 F-1 Graduate Students

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