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Florida High Tech Corridor Council Program

Companies located in the 23 county FL High Tech Corridor region can both accelerate their technical and commercial accomplishments and leverage their R&D budgets by participating in the Florida High Tech Corridor Council (FHTCC) Matching Funds Research Program at the University of Florida (UF).

The University of Florida offers opportunities for companies to access UF’s research expertise by collaborating on R&D projects that can receive Matching Funds. Proposals can be submitted by UF researchers from all academic disciplines across the university – including health sciences, agribusiness, engineering, and the physical sciences. These Matching Funds can be up to $250,000 annually per project, subject to the specifics of the research proposal and a commitment from the company for both cash and in-kind contributions at least equal to the Matching Funds being sought. If the project meets certain conditions and intermediate milestones, proposals for multi-year projects will also be considered.

The amount of UF Matching Funds that could support each research project – overhead-free – is always case-specific and fact-dependent. Projects are approved based on both internal and external reviews that occur on a rolling basis as long as Matching Funds are available.

Please use UFLIPS Matching Grant Program guidelines to apply FHTCC program.