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NSF Updates

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced the issuance of the revised Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 24-1) effective for proposals submitted or due on or after May 20,2024. A complete summary of changes can be found at:

Notable pre-submission changes include:

  • Biographical Sketches: (1) There is no longer a page limit.  (2) The Synergistic Activities section has been removed from the biographical sketch. The information from that section must be provided, but in a standalone document directly in The document must be no more than one-page and includes a list of up to five distinct examples that demonstrates the broader impact of the individual’s professional and scholarly activities that focus on the integration and transfer of knowledge as well as its creation.
  • Mentoring Plan: Mentoring plans are now required when either postdoctoral researchers OR graduate students are supported on an NSF proposal. The one-page plan must be loaded in the “Supplementary Documents” section. Full details of the requirement are located at: 
  • Foreign Organizations: Proposers must justify any request that includes a foreign organization or foreign individual, including through a subaward or consultant arrangement.  The information should include why in-country resources are not feasible, why more effective, unique experience of foreign entity, and the significance the foreign entity offers to the U.S.
  • Malign Foreign Talent Recruitment Certification: Certifications must be made on the biosketch, current and pending support, and other affiliation documents that each senior/key personnel is not party to a malign foreign talent recruitment program.

Notable Postaward changes include:

  • Postaward Additions of Postdoctoral Scholars and Graduate Students: If funds are being re-budgeted to support a postdoc or graduate student when a mentoring plan was not included in the proposal, the mentoring plan will need to be submitted to your NSF Program Officer. If supplement funding is being requested to support a postdoc or graduate student, the request must include a mentoring plan and be uploaded to the “Other Supplementary Documents” section of the Supplemental Funding Request Module. In all cases, the PI must report on the mentoring activities provided to the individual in the annual and final project reports.
  • Postaward Additions of Off-Site or Off-Campus Research: If funds are re-budgeted to support off-site or off-campus research and a Safe and Inclusive Working Environments (SAIF) Plan was not included as a part of the proposal, a plan must be developed by the PI and uploaded as an attachment in supporting document in the UFIRST Award record. Additional information on this requirement can be found here:
  • Individual Development Plans: The NSF requires postdoctoral scholars and graduate students who receive more than one month support during the annual reporting period to have an Individual Development Plan (IDP). The IDP is an annually updated document that maps educational goals, career exploration, and professional development. The IDP must be submitted in each annual and final report.

Please contact DSP at if you have any questions.


Safe and Inclusive Working Environments (SAIF) Plan