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Multiple Principal Investigator Projects

When a Sponsor allows for multiple Program Director/Principal Investigators (PD/PI) to lead and coordinate all efforts on an independent research project, the following practices will be followed.

  1. Responsibility of Multiple PI’s: The decision to utilize the Multiple PI option is the responsibility of the investigators and should be determined based on the scientific goals of the project. Each Multiple PI will have equal responsibility for leading and directing the project; each is equally accountable for the proper conduct of the program including fiscal oversight and submission of all required reports.
  2. At the time of Proposal Submissions: For all UF applications that propose a Multiple PI Project, the following criteria must be met prior to submission:
    1. All proposed UF PIs must have PI status as defined in a. UF’s PI Eligibility Policy.
    2. For all proposals where there are multiple PIs, the investigators must identify a UF PI as the Contact PI. The Contact PI will be responsible for relaying communications between all of the PIs, UF Officials and the Sponsor, where appropriate.
    3. The UFIRST proposal is routed through Unit (Department and College) of the Home Department which should generally be that of the Contact PI.
    4. All PI’s indicated on a proposal will be required to complete the PI Certification activity in UFIRST.
    5. Supplemental proposals should be routed with the Contact PI listed as the Principal Investigator in UFIRST.