University of Florida word mark DSP Proposal Processing Requirements is the federal-wide site listing all grant opportunities available from the U.S. Federal Government. At UF, we use UFIRST SF424 to create and submit grant applications into

In the event that the opportunity you want to apply to is not supported by UFIRST, use of the Workspace is required.

UFIRST Requirements for Submissions

Regardless if the application is submitted via UFIRST SF424, adobe package or Workspace, the following is needed in UFIRST:

  • Required UFIRST approvals.
  • Disclosure of Financial Conflict of Interest Forms for PHS, PHS like Sponsors, NSF funding, or USAMRMC or CDMRP.
  • Subcontractor or Subaward complete proposal package.
  • Cost Sharing Documentation.
  • Documentation of Sponsor’s published F&A cost policy if not included in the guidelines.
  • Sponsor’s Guidelines. Attach to UFIRST SmartForm a copy or provide the hyperlink to sponsor guidelines.
  • Proposal submission instructions.
  • The complete SF424 package, adobe package or copy of Workspace application.  If submitting in workspace, make sure to click on the Complete and Notify AOR button. and Workspace

The traditional method of applying for grants to federal agencies by downloading a package of PDF forms and submitting via will be phased out in December 2017 and replaced with Workspace.  Learn more about the change on the website Workspace is a shared online, environment where members of a grant team may simultaneously access and edit different forms within an application. Workspace allows:

  • Ability to separate individual PDF forms that make up the traditional application package.
  • Multiple team members within an organization to access and edit forms at the same time.
  • Upon completion of individual forms, applicants have the ability to upload completed forms to the Workspace so other team members may view and edit the forms.
  • Applicants may also choose to complete forms in a web browser, rather than downloading and filling out individual PDF forms.

Attention: A workspace can be created only if all of the funding opportunity’s forms are compatible with Workspace. If there are any incompatible forms, the Create a Workspace option will not be available.

How to Register to Submit in Workspace

Register in

If you are not already registered in with the Manage Workspace Role, please request an account in

  1. Register under Organization Applicant

Additional users can be added to the application to edit data on forms within the workspace(s) by initiating Manage Workspace Role User. Additional users not already registered in need to register at the Registration webpage

  1. Register under Organization Applicant

Once the registration form is completed and submitted in, DSP will receive an email for approval.  Once approved by DSP, the registered user will receive an email confirmation.

Workspace Instructions

Detailed instructions for the following steps

Step 1: Create a Workspace Package
Step 2: Complete a Workspace Package
Step 3: Submit a Workspace Package
Step 4: Track a Workspace Package

Resolving Problems and Errors in Grants.Gov and Resources

If you have any questions on submissions, please contact DSP at