Business & Research Administrators information Network (BRAiN)


The mission of the Business & Research Administrators’ information Network (BRAiN) is to bring together individuals from the University of Florida business, human resources, and research administration community for participation in open forum discussions on non-health science topics which overlap many UF offices. BRAiN will support and foster the field of research by sharing knowledge and experiences of best practices for those in research administration, supervisors of research administrators, and business, or human resource colleagues of research administrators.   


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Date & Time Location Agenda/Topic/Presenter(s)
August 16, 2018 NEB 102 Agreements and Effort recap from GBAS Workshop
October 18, 2018 JWRU Room 2365 Global Research Compliance
December 13, 2018 JWRU Room 2365 TBD

Meeting Materials

Reconcilition Department Perspective

Reconciliation CG Presentation

Quality Assurance Presentation

Program Codes Definitions

Program Code Presentation

Budget Justification Checklist

Fly America Act Waiver Checklist

Travel: DSP Perspectives, Guidance and Tips

Agreements Presentation

Contracts and Grants-Cost Transfer Approval

CAS Exemption Update

Subaward – A Primer

Export Controls

Training and Organizational Development

Topics of interest

To submit topics of interest that you would like to see covered in future meetings, please complete the web form HERE.

Organizing Committee:

Beth Eslick, Assistant Director CLAS Research Office,, 294-7994

Stephanie Gray, Assistant VP Division of Sponsored Programs,, 392-3516

Terry Moore, Associate Director of Administrative Services,, 846-3309

Dorothea Roebuck, Assistant Director HHP Research Office,, 294-1608

Rosabel Ruiz-Sosa, Administrative Services Coordinator,, 273-4099

Tiffany Schmidt, Director of Contracts & Grants,, 273-3101

Mandi Shaffer, Research Programs Services Coordinator,, 273-1833

Ericka Solano, Associate Director of Administrative Services,, 294-7777

Meena Thiyagarajah, Associate Director of Administrative Services,, 392-4878