Frequently Used Facts

UF Institutional Information

Legal Name and Address:University of Florida Board of Trustees
Division of Sponsored Programs
207 Grinter Hall
P.O. Box 115500
Gainesville, FL 32611-5500
Phone: (352) 392-9267
Type of Institution:The University of Florida Board of Trustees is a public educational institution exempt under Section 170(c)1 of the IRS code.
Division of Sponsored ProgramsOrganizational Chart
Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN or TIN):59-6002052
UF Tax Exempt Status LetterUF Tax Exempt Status Letter (pdf)
DUNS Number:969663814
Cage Code:5E687
SAM Registration:Active 11/13/2018
Congressional District:FL-003
NSF Awardee Organization Code:0015354000
North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS):611310
ASAP Recipient ID#:1213646
Annual Report on Possible Research Misconduct: Date Filed 1/14/16
MyFloridaMarketPlace(MFMP): DSP’s Registration Number596002052-379

Budget Information

Checks Should be Made Payable to:University of Florida Board of Trustees
F&A Rate AgreementRate Agreement: June 19, 2018

Approved By:

DHHS: Division of Cost Allocation
300 Independence Avenue
SW Cohen Building, Room 1067
Washington, DC 20201
Cognizant Federal Agency:DHHS, Shon Turner, 214-767-3261
DHHS Audit Office:DHHS Office of Audit Services
Office of Inspector General
61 Forsyth Street, SW
Room 3T41
Atlanta, GA 30303-8909
(404) 562-7800
Federal Funds AuditAudit Report, Most recent Year Ending 6/30/17
Property Control System Review:Office of Naval Research
Atlanta Regional Office
100 Alabama Street NW, Suite 4R15
Atlanta, GA 30303-3104
(404) 562-1613
Approval Date: April 30, 2016
Cost Accounting Standards Disclosure Statement (DS-2):Submitted: 12/23/1996

Submitted to:

Division of Cost Allocation
Mid-Atlantic Office
Department of Health and Human Services
7700 Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 2300
Bethesda, MD 20814

DHHS Approved: 11/4/2008

DS-2 Approval Letter
Administration Contracts Office (ACO):Office of Naval Research
Atlanta Regional Office
100 Alabama Street NW, Suite 4R15
Atlanta, GA 30303-3104
(404) 562-1611
UF is registered with the U.S. Dept of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) per ITAR 22 CFR Part 122.1 (a) and (b).Date of Registration: 9/24/15

Expiration Date of Registration: 10/31/16


Federalwide Assurance (FWA) Number for the Protection of Human Subjects:00005790

Expires: 12/12/2018

UF FWA website
Animal Welfare Assurance Number:A3377-01
DoD Addendum Number to UF’s FWA:F50551 Covers: All DoD-Supported Human Subject Protocols Performed by UF
DoD Addendum Number to UF’s FWA:pdf
DHHS Institutional Profile Code: 513806




IRB04 WIRB Panels 1-8 & 11-14

IRB04 WIRB Panel 13
DHHS IRB Registration Numbers:





AAALAC Accreditation:Latest renewal: 3/19/2015
Continuously accredited since 1960
Radioisotopes-NRC Number: 356-1(FLA)

Signature Authority

All Documents:Stephanie Gray, Assistant Vice President

Kaden Canfield, Assistant Director

Lisa Stroud, Assistant Director

Tina Bottini, Assistant Director, College of Medicine-Jacksonville
Division of Sponsored Programs
Authority to Accept and Execute Grants, Contracts, Donations, and other Research Related Agreements:
Florida Statute 1004.22