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Legal Name and Address: University of Florida Board of Trustees
Division of Sponsored Programs
207 Grinter Hall
P.O. Box 115500
Gainesville, FL 32611-5500
Phone: (352) 392-3516
Division of Sponsored Programs Established in 1964 by Florida Statute 240.241 (now 1004.22).
Division of Sponsored Programs Authority to Accept and Execute Grants, Contracts, Donations, and other Research Related Agreements: Florida Statute 1004.22
Division of Sponsored Programs Organizational Chart
Division of Sponsored Programs Signing Officials:





All Documents:

Stephanie Gray, Assistant Vice President

Lisa Stroud, Assistant Director

Tina Bottini, Assistant Director,  Jacksonville

DUNS Number: 969663814
Cage Code: 5E687
SAM Registration: Active 6/29/18
Congressional District: FL-003
Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN): 59-6002052
NSF Awardee Organization Code: 0015354000
North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS): 611310
ASAP Recipient ID#: 1213646
UF Tax Exempt Status Letter pdf
Annual Report on Possible Research Misconduct: Date Filed 1/14/16
Animal Welfare Assurance Number: A3377-01
Federalwide Assurance (FWA) Number for the Protection of Human Subjects: 00005790

Expires: 12/12/2018

UF FWA website

DoD Addendum Number to UF’s FWA: F50551 Covers: All DoD-Supported Human Subject Protocols Performed by UF
DoD Addendum Number to UF’s FWA: pdf
DHHS Institutional Profile Code: 513806




IRB04 WIRB Panels 1-8 & 11-14

IRB04 WIRB Panel 13

DHHS IRB Registration Numbers:






AAALAC Accreditation: Latest renewal: 3/19/2015

Continuously accredited since 1960

Radioisotopes-NRC Number: 356-1(FLA)
Federal Funds Audit A-13 Audit Report, Most recent Year Ending 6/30/16 (No Findings)
F&A Rate Agreement Rate Agreement: June 30, 2017

Approved By:

DHHS: Division of Cost Allocation
300 Independence Avenue
SW Cohen Building, Room 1067
Washington, DC 20201

Cognizant Federal Agency: DHHS,  Shon Turner, 214-767-3261
DHHS Audit Office: DHHS Office of Audit Services
Office of Inspector General
61 Forsyth Street, SW
Room 3T41
Atlanta, GA 30303-8909
(404) 562-7800
Property Control System Review: Office of Naval Research
Atlanta Regional Office
100 Alabama Street NW, Suite 4R15
Atlanta, GA 30303-3104
(404) 562-1613
Approval Date: April 30, 2016
Cost Accounting Standards Disclosure Statement (DS-2): Submitted: 12/23/1996

Submitted to:

Division of Cost Allocation
Mid-Atlantic Office
Department of Health and Human Services
7700 Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 2300
Bethesda, MD 20814

DHHS Approved: 11/4/2008

DS-2 Approval Letter

Administration Contracts Office (ACO): Office of Naval Research
Atlanta Regional Office
100 Alabama Street NW, Suite 4R15
Atlanta, GA 30303-3104
(404) 562-1611
UF is registered with the U.S. Dept of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) per ITAR 22 CFR Part 122.1 (a) and (b). Date of Registration: 9/24/15

Expiration Date of Registration: 10/31/16


MyFloridaMarketPlace(MFMP): DSP’s Registration Number 596002052-379