Export Controls

What Are Export Controls? Export Control Flyer

Export controls are US laws that regulate the distribution to foreign persons and foreign countries of strategically important commodities, services and information for reasons of foreign policy and national security.

An “export” occurs whenever controlled technology, technical data, software, materials, equipment, technical assistance or defense services are disclosed in any medium or manner outside of the United States, or to a foreign person no matter where located.

If a defense article, technical data, technology, defense service or software is provided to a foreign person within the U.S. (even on Campus), that action is termed a “deemed” export. The US government has deemed that the provision of the controlled defense article, technical data, technology, defense service or software to the foreign person is the equivalent of providing it to the foreign person’s country of citizenship, permanent residency or in some cases the foreign person’s country of birth.

Why is Export Compliance Important?

Export control violations can result in penalties and fines which may apply to an individual, the institution or both. Administrative Penalties include loss of export privileges or suspension and debarment from government contracting. Additionally, monetary fines can be up to $1 million per violation and jail time can be up to 20 years per violation.

For more information on export controls contact the Division of Research Compliance.