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Export Control Training

Online Training

UF subscribes to CITI training modules for export control online training. These trainings help to assist faculty, staff and students understand the concepts of export controls for varying business activities. For questions, please contact UF RISC at 352-392-9174 or by email at

Export Control Acronyms and Terms List

It is recommended that researchers take the following courses:

  • Introduction to Export Compliance (ID 16800)
  • Export Compliance for Researchers: Part I (ID 16801)
  • Export Compliance for Researchers: Part II (ID 16802)

It is recommended that research administrators and staff take the following courses:

  • Introduction to Export Compliance (ID 16800)
  • Export Compliance for Research Administrators (ID 16803)
  • Export Compliance and United States Sanctions Programs (ID 16812)

There are also specific modules for purchasing staff, biosafety, work within international waters and much more.

All project personnel listed on a Technology Control Plan (TCP) are required to complete the core Export Control Courses (ID 16800, 16801, and 16802) prior to their participation in export controlled research. In addition, all project personnel listed on a TCP are required to complete the refresher course (“Overview (EC Refresher) ID 19593”) on an annual basis, for as long as they have access to export controlled information, technology, software, or items. 


These are accessed through direct instructions on access can be found below. Upon completion of the course, your training is logged by the CITI module and registered with UF RISC.

  1. Login into, in the NavBar, click on Main Menu and select “My Self Service”
  2. Click on “Training and Development” and select “CITI Training”
  3. Click “Agree & Continue to CITI”
  4. On the main screen of CITI Training, select “University of Florida Courses”
  5. On the University of Florida Courses screen, select “Add a Course”
  6. On the next window, scroll to question 8: Export Control and check “CITI Export Controls Course.”  There are other questions that are required to answer before you can submit. Please choose “not at this time” for those questions. Select “Submit” which allows you to view the CITI Export Control Course list.
  7. Complete the required courses. Click on the start button next to each of the modules to add them to your course queue. Upon completion of the required EC CITI modules, your completion record will automatically be sent to UF RISC, so you do not have to send it to our office. You may want to download/print a copy for your records.
  8. In July of each year, refresher training is required. To access the refresher courses, please refer to the steps below.
    1. Follow steps #1-6 above, however, on step #6, instead of “CITI Export Controls Course”, please check “Export Compliance Refresher Course”.
    2. There are four modules in the refresher course. To satisfy the annual refresher course requirement, please complete Module “Overview (EC Refresher) (ID 19593)”. The remaining modules can be completed at your discretion.

In-Person Training

UF RISC can provide a brief overview of Export Controls to individuals or groups interested in obtaining an introduction to the basics of export control. To schedule a presentation of this session at your next departmental or college meeting, please contact UF RISC at (352) 392-9174.

Alternatively, if your college, department or lab is planning to work on a project that is subject to export controls, UF RISC can present this session to the group involved in the project. Please contact UF RISC to schedule a session.