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Export Control Training

Online Training

myTraining is the integrated training management system for faculty and staff shared between UF and UF Health Shands. UF provides online export control training via myTraining. These trainings help to assist UF faculty, staff and students understand the concepts of export controls for varying UF business activities. For questions, please contact UF RISC at 352-392-9174 or by email at

It is recommended that faculty, staff, and students take the following course. This course serves as a prerequisite for the subsequent Export Controls courses.

  • “Export Controls: The Basics” (UF_RSH613_OLT)

It is recommended that administrators and staff take the following course. “Export Controls: The Basics” is required as a prerequisite.

  • “Export Controls: UF Administrators” (UF_RSH623_OLT)

All project personnel listed on a Technology Control Plan (TCP) are required to complete the following courses prior to their participation in export controlled research:

  • “Export Controls: The Basics” (UF_RSH613_OLT)
  • “Export Controls: UF Project Personnel” (UF_RSH633_OLT)


These are accessed through direct instructions on access can be found below. Upon completion of the course, your training is logged by myTraining and registered with UF RISC.

  1. Login to In the NavBar, click on Menu and select “My Self Service”
  2. Click on “Training and Development” and select “myTraining”
  3. In the Search bar in the top right of the home page, type in the name of the course you are required to take and select the appropriate course
    • “Export Controls: The Basics” (UF_RSH613_OLT)
    • “Export Controls: UF Administrators” (UF_RSH623_OLT)
    • “Export Controls: UF Project Personnel” (UF_RSH633_OLT)
  4. Review the information in the Full Description prior to starting the course.
  5. Click on the “Start” button to begin the course.

In-Person Training

UF RISC can provide a brief overview of Export Controls to individuals or groups interested in obtaining an introduction to the basics of export control. To schedule a presentation of this session at your next departmental or college meeting, please contact UF RISC at (352) 392-9174.

Alternatively, if your college, department or lab is planning to work on a project that is subject to export controls, UF RISC can present this session to the group involved in the project. Please contact UF RISC to schedule a session.