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International Engagement Examples

Within the context of international engagements, the examples below illustrate activities one would disclose to UF. Note that the below list is not exhaustive, but represents the types of engagements that must be disclosed.

  • Academic, research, or administrative appointments at a foreign institution, even if the appointment is uncompensated. This includes appointments that are full-time, part-time, honorary, adjunct, visiting, or voluntary.
  • Any agreement with a foreign university for which the UF researcher directs non-UF students, postdocs, or other personnel affiliated with that university.
  • Any foreign affiliation that is included in any publication by the UF faculty member.
  • Any contractual agreement with a foreign institution, company, or government agency.
  • Any non-UF agreement in which foreign funds or other resources are provided to the faculty for activities either at UF or at a foreign institution.
  • Any agreement or relationship that assigns intellectual property (IP) rights to the foreign institution.
  • Any agreement or relationship with a foreign entity in which the UF researcher or family member receives payments for salary, stipends, or living expenses.
  • Receiving travel, living or lodging funds or reimbursements from a foreign entity.
  • Receiving an honorarium from a foreign entity.
  • Any consulting agreements with a foreign entity.
  • Holding a position such as founder, partner, employee, or board member at a company, non-profit, governmental agency, or other foreign entity.
  • Having significant ownership interest in a foreign company related to your UF role/responsibility, as defined by UF. More information can be found here.
  • Financial interests in a foreign entity that does business with or competes with UF (including seeking research funding).

If you are participating in any of these activities, it is important that you fully and accurately disclose them to federal Sponsors. For more information about how to report engagements during the proposal process, visit the following links:

For more information about disclosing outside activities to UF, please visit the Conflict of Interest Program website.