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In light of these issues, should UF researchers continue international collaborations?

Yes! International collaboration is a cornerstone of academia and is a critically important aspect of faculty and student life at UF. There are many options to pursue international collaborations at UF via university-to-university agreements, research sponsorship agreements, visitor and student exchange, etc. If you would like more information about how UF Research can support your international collaborations, please visit our International Research Projects page.

Should UF faculty reduce the amount of international travel on UF business for themselves and their students?

No. For many years, the University has provided country-specific guidance for UF persons traveling abroad, focused on concerns regarding safety, security, and compliance obligations.

What do I do if I now see something I need to disclose to UF or a sponsor that I have never previously reported?

Whether you need to correct an omission or error in a previously submitted proposal or progress report, or you have a new activity to report, please contact the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) at

How do I disclose my foreign outside activities to UF?

Please visit the Conflicts of Interest Program website for instructions how to disclose outside activities to UF.

I have an affiliation (paid or unpaid) at another institution. How should I disclose it?

Any affiliations or appointments (foreign or domestic) require prior approval through the University’s Outside Activities disclosure process at  Further, for the purposes of completing sponsored program applications, such affiliations should be reported in the ‘Positions, Scientific Appointments, and Honors’ section of your Biosketch. Visit the Disclosing Activities to NIH page for more information.

I have work that is funded through another institution. How do I disclose it?

If you receive funding for performance of work at another institution, that work is considered an outside activity and must be disclosed to UF via UFOLIO in accordance with the UF outside activity policy. Additionally, the research funding must also be disclosed in the Other Support or Current and Pending section of proposals and annual reports. Visit the Proposal Preparation & Submission page for more information.

I have received startup funds from the University of Florida in support of my research program. Do I need to disclose that resource to federal sponsors?

No. Internal UF startup funds do not need to be disclosed as other support or current and pending support. However, startup funds or other funds received from entities outside of UF must be disclosed as an Outside Activity to UF and as other/current & pending support to your sponsors. Visit the Disclosing Activities to NIH page for more information.